Outdoor Burning for SC

For Outdoor Burning in South Carolina

please call

SC Forestry Commission
YARD DEBRIS 1-800-986-5299
LAND CLEARING 1-800-777-FIRE (3473)



Partial Rules & Regulations

1.  Check your local Fire Department for other rules and regulations (DHEC)

2.  Burning hours are from 9AM and cannot be added to after 3PM (DHEC)

3.  Outdoor burning shall consist of yard debris and other wood materials, not including
treated lumber or materials that produce toxic gases (DHEC)

4.  Shall not be conducted less than 50 feet from any structure (GC)

5.  Must be attended by a competent person (SC Law)

6.  Burning is prohibited on road and road drainage right-of-ways (GC)

7.  Fire damage or illegal burning may be punishable by fines (SC Law)

8.  Provisions shall be enforced by Fire Chief or designee (GC)

See also:  DHEC 61-62.22 et al (DHEC), Greenville County Ordinance 2990 (GC), SC Code of Laws Title 48 Chapter 25 (SC Law)